In Trinidad, an Ascendant Hindu Culture Celebrates Diwali

A three-day cultural tour of Trinidad and Tobago as a guest of the prime minister replaced vacation-spot clichés with a textured view of the tropical nation’s evolving identity. About half the population is decended from laborers brought from India in the 19th century to work the sugarcane plantations, and many are celebrating the Hindu festival Diwali.

SoHo Lofts for Artists Only?

A 1970s-era law still on the books that stipulates that lofts in SoHo be rented to artists. The law’s been ignored for years, but an article in today’s NY Times reports that since the recession the city is paying closer attention to its requirement that tenants be artists.

Warhol Foundation Lawyers Quash Antitrust Lawsuit

The closely watched federal lawsuit in which a private collector is suing the Andy Warhol Foundation and its subsidiary Art Authentication Board is about to reach an abrupt and unexpected end. The London-based American Joe Simon, whose 2007 complaint challenges the Authentication Board’s rejection of the authenticity of the 1964 Warhol self-portrait that he owns, says that he and his lawyer, Seth Redniss of New York, will withdraw from the case at the next hearing.

Rembrandt Scholar’s Lecture a Disorganized Ramble

The Rembrandt Research Project issues the latest volume in its Corpus next month, and the editor, Ernst van de Wetering, considered leading Rembrandt expert, offered a lecture at Columbia University. His talk was a disorganized ramble.

Jason Edward Kaufman is an art historian and critic with expertise in museums and the international art world.

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